30 minute consultation $50

Payment will be applied to your service purchase upon completion of consultation. 


Confused about which service is the right fit or want a better understanding of a service before you buy? This consultation is for you!

This is a 30 minute paid session that will be applied to your service of choice upon completion.

Fill out this brief questionar and together we will discuss your goals and your concerns and I will help you make an educated and informed decision on which service is best for you.

**This is a paid consultation to value to my time and yours. When you purchase one of my valuable services your payment for this consultation will be applied to your purchase.

Mindset Makeover

What if when you wake up your first thoughts are on love, joy and a feeling of excitement for the day to begin?

How different would your life be?

Let’s find out!


Wake up to a brand new you with this foundational course! It’s time to step out of the chaos and into control.

Mindset Makeover is the first of 3 courses in the foundational series ‘Spiritual Development for a Positive Life’.

This course helps people who struggle to overcome negative thinking achieve a positive mindset by guiding them through my simple, practical, step by step formula that will get them in control of their thoughts, their feelings and confidently taking action towards a divinely inspired life full of joy.


This course features 4 modules including Get Grounded, Clear Your Temple, and Meditation for Inner Peace.

There are 4 video lessons per module where I teach directly to you in a simple, structured and enertaining way. You will have assignments and Growth Work to do as you move along.


As a result of this course you will 
* Decrease Anxiety and Mental Chatter
* Increase Self Esteem and Self Confidence
* Easily recognize when you are being triggered and bring yourself back into alignment before spinning out of control



Yes that is correct! For only $27 you can step out of that chaotic lifestyle and into peaceful living. What are you waiting for???

Intuitive Readings

Step into a powerful conversation with your highest self, ancestors, angels and guides. Unlock the doors of infinite love and possibilities.

What do you want to know?

The answers you seek are a few clicks a way!


Intuitive Readings are gentle, loving and supportive in your quest to understand yourself and your life patterns. 

These readings are not fortune telling. The intent is to guide you towards Your personal empowerment and to assist you in making positive life choices and creating positive uplifting experiences. 

I invite you to read some of the testimonials to help you better understand what this unique experience could provide for you.


You can book 30, 60 or 90 minute session to best suit your needs.

These readings can be done over the phone together or via zoom for a more face to face experience. 


Gain peace of mind

Gain clarity over confusion

Precieve obstacles in a new light with empowering action steps to move forward

Leave the reading feeling inspired, hopeful and optimistic

And most importantly Being Confidently Empowered to live your best life.


Breakdown in service/pricing options

30 mins = 1 complex question or up to 3 simple
Investment $75

60 mins = up to 5 simple questions or a couple complicated circumstances
Investment $125

90 mins = Best for a 3 month life overview reading. We use tarot and look at home, self, love, work and the key to move forward in each area as well as the major karmic cycles and themes involved in your life right now.
Investment $150


Spiritual Counseling

Imagine being embraced by the highest forms of love, acceptance, forgiveness and understanding. Imagine being heard and listened to while being held in high reguard.

Imagine feeling safe enough, confident enough to simply be who you are.

How amazing would that be?


Spiritual counseling is an ongoing look at, discovery and development of your relationship with your soul and the world around you.

It is not mental health counseling. I am NOT a LMHC.

I am a spiritual teacher and facilitator of the healing within you.

Sometime we need someone on the outside to be our cheerleader, sounding board, our believing eyes.

Sometimes we need an outside perspective.

Spiritual counseling is remapping our mindset to a higher thought, a higher frequency. It allows the client the opportunity to rise above their current circumstances and create a new experience– a new life even while being incubated in safety, love and compassion.

Here we learn to trust ourselves, forgive ourselves and others. We learn to be our own best friend, release criticism and learn new empowered ways of being.

This takes time, dedication and commitment.


Spiritual Counseling is done confidentially over the phone or zoom for a more face to face experience.


The benefits are endless. Please read the testimonials of what others have experienced while working with me.

Ultimately your experiences and results are your own.

What I can promise is my dedication and commitment to you. I can not do the work for you but I can provide framework, guidance, simplistic instructions that when applied, huge results are possible.

Simple isn’t easy. Changing long time beliefs and patterns of behaviors can be very challenging. But you can do it! You can accomplish what ever you desire and I am so happy, blessed even, to support you on your journey.


Spiritual Counseling sessions are sold as packages only. This work takes time. If you are seeking a single session please click on our Alignment Sessions.

Package #1 (4) 60 minute sessions used either weekly or biweekly over a 1-2 month period –can be renewed 
Investment $450

Package #2 (12) 60 minute sessions used over the course of 3-6 months –can be renewed 
Investment $1275 

Mind-Body Wellness

Your thoughts = your feelings which = your behaviors.

There is a direct relationship between this and your physical body.

Now more than ever is the time to take a listen to what your body, what your dis-ease is telling you. 

What is your body trying to tell you?


Mind-Body wellness is the cornerstone of good physical health.

We begin your wellness journey together with a body scan and a holistic intake assessmet of your body, mind, spirit and the avenues of life they occupy.

We will spend your first session discussing your areas of concern and goals you have for your overall health.

This session will end with an energetic clearing, a guided meditation through your “temple” and a wellness plan which may include recommendations for suppliments, herbals remedies, essential oils, meal planning, and mind-body  and self care exercise including affirmations, guided meditations and more to bring your body back into balance.

For best results follow up sessions are recommended.



Intake Evaluation Form plus discuession of each aspect listed

Constitutional Assessments (assorted based on need)

Energetic Scan of Aura and Chakras

Recommendations to bring body, mind, spirit into balance


Gain a better understanding of your body and your health.

Receive a framework and plan to bring yourself back into balance in all aspects of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually


Initial Assessment – 90 minutes $150

Follow up sessions 
30 minutes $75
60 minutes – $125

Prepaid Package (6) 60 minute sessions to be used over a 6-12 month period. This package is designed to support you consistantly through your healing journey and self care. It includes health coaching and spiritual counseling.

Alignment Session

Alignment sessions are wonderful to experience when you find yourself in a funk, a state of confusion or simply need a boost to reconnect with your higherself.

It’s like getting a zap from Source Energy


Alignment sessions are single sessions designed to get you back on track and flowing happily with life again.

These sessions best suit those who just want a boost or a bit of redirection. They are not best to try and reconcile larger or more complex life circumstances or changes. 


We do the same work that you’d do in a spiritual counseling session, the difference is instead of ongoing weekly or biweekly sessions you can take advantage of the single pricing and single session set up.


Single sesions give you the flexibility of as needed appointments and the ability to pay as you go vs the up front package pricing. 


 60 minute sessions $125

Astrology Reports

What does your natal chart say about you?

What potential does this relationship hold? What do we need to be mindful of?

What major events are coming in my life over the next year?

Find of this and much more!


We offer a variety of report options to suit your needs

Natal – a picture of the sky at the time of your birth. I like to think of these as your spiritual thumb print.

Transits – shows how the sky looks now (and over a period of time) as it relates to when you with born. Major transits, such as your Saturn return, have significant impact in your life. To know whats coming allows us time to mentaly prepare and to capitialize on times of oppertunity.

Relationship  – Compatibility
The Compatibility Report compares two individual’s natal charts and examines the inter-aspects or synastry between them. In this report, each aspect is examined to reveal the basic qualities of your interaction, with the most important factors listed first. 

Relationship – Composit
The Relationship Report for two individuals applies to any type of relationship. It focuses on the relationship itself, rather than on the individuals who make it up. First a composite chart (mid-point chart) is created. The composite chart represents the fusion of energy that two people create when they come together in relationship. It is a third being. Like a child, it inherits qualities of both parents, though it has a life all its own and exists independently of either of them. The report should be regarded as being for the relationship itself, taken as an independent entity.


Reports are generated as a PDF download for you to read over and enjoy time and time again.

Just like any spiritual text the more time you spend with it the deeper the understanding and multi layers of preception will present itself.

This is not a live astrology reading.

Reports we offer include

*Transit (3, 6, 12 months)
*Solar Return


Reports are generated as a PDF download for you to read over and enjoy time and time again.

Just like any spiritual text the more time you spend with it the deeper the understanding and multi layers of preception will present itself.

This is not a live astrology reading.


Astro reports are $30 each

You can choose, at time of purchase, to add on additional reports for $10 each

ex. purchase your natal chart with interpetation, your significant others natal chart with interpetations and a relationship chart with interpetations the investment breakdown would look like this

30+10+10 = $50

To purchase any report you must know the birth time, date, and location of each person involved in the report.


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