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It’s about coming into alignment with who you truly are. It’s about loving and accepting yourself completely. It’s about seeing yourself clearly. It’s about opening yourself to true beauty. 

It’s about remembering who you are and forgeting who they taught you to be.

hello there 

Tired of carrying all that baggage?

You know what I’m talking about; the shame, the constant overthinking, second guessing, can’t make a choice, the negative thoughts constantly criticizing yourself and judging others; comparing and measuring yourself against them or their standards.

Take a load off friend.

You have found sanctuary with me.

I’m Rebecca Lee and I’m here to provide a safe place for you to unpack that bag, sort through the rubble, find the gold and toss the rest so that you can move forward with confidence, freedom from the past and peace of mind about your future. Because honestly, letting that shit go is the first step to being Happily Authentically You!

What I am good at

Teaching/Mentoring and Spiritual Counseling

I provide foundational and advanced courses in the areas of spirituality, self love and empowerment, meditation, various energy healing modalities and intuitive development.

Everyone can do this work! Everyone can benefit from these courses, whether your goal is to help yourself grow or to become a professonal like me, you can do it.

One of my strengths is to take these esoteric concepts and make them bite size, relatable to your everyday experiences so that you can utilize what you learn right from the start.

Intuitive Readings

I’m no fortune teller but I read and channel energy very well. My gifts will help you understand more clearly how to get out of your own way and recieve what you truly desire.

We explore energy patterns in your life as an indicator of what you are manifesting or calling toward you. I will answer your questions with channeled guidance from your guides, angels, teachers and even departed loved ones.

If you like we can use tarot and oracle cards or even astrology if you choose.

Clearing Energy

Your body is a temple, it is the house of your Spirit. What we put into it and around it matters. Just like your home you live in collects dust, dirt, clutter…so does your energetic body.

This looks like anxiety, depression, heavy feeling, scattered thinking, dis-ease. Regular clearings will amp up your immune system and your bodys ability to heal itself.

You will find yourself feeling more optimistic, light, self confident as a result of these clearings.

What Clients Say About Me

“Rebecca hit the nail on the head of my transformative process and helped me understand that “this is what change looks like” I loved her healing helping guidance and feel so much more at ease with this time of change in my life. Thank you so much Rebecca, for everything and especially reminding me that my name Cydney has a capital C.”


“Shout out for Rebecca Lee. I had an amazing reading with her yesterday and healed some serious past life blockages around cooking.”


“Rebecca Lee’s work is great. I am still processing the energy work she did with me. Things have shifted so much for the better.”


“Today I received a reading from Rebecca Lee. I am beyond words about this reading. She went all in, showed above and beyond incredible service and took me to a whole different place that is more in alignment with my Truth, the energy of home and my Divinity. What an amazing, incredible, brilliant, outrageous gift #RealDeal”


“The past few days I have been processing an unbelievably awesome session I had with Rebecca Lee. It was exactly what I needed and I could feel old blocked pockets of energy move out of my body. The connections she helped me make and the guidance she offered made what was previously unclear-crystal clear. Defiantly give her a call if you need help with stuck areas in your life. Thank you Rebecca.”


“Thanks for the reading. I felt nurtured, supported and healing continues to take place around my food journey. I felt confident enough to create a page for my Sunday Supper Club and less than 24 hours later it is almost sold out! You are a blessing”


“I want to share what an amazing session I had with Rebecca Lee. Not only is she incredibly skilled but she also has such integrity and compassion as she works with you. I felt her authenticity and commitment to our session from the moment we connected. As a fellow healer, I have to say the meditation/healing she did at the end of our session was incredibly powerful and moving. I am incredibly grateful.”


“Rebecca Lee gave me an amazing reading that helped me ground more deeply into something in my life I was desiring (but didn't realize how much I wanted it until it was reflected back to me) “


“Thank You so much for our reading today, It was perfect"


“Rebecca helps you get to the heart of your issues with laser like precision while holding a space with empathy and compassion helping you get results quickly so when you walk out the door you feel like your life is already better”


“Working with Rebecca has been transformational for me. She has helped me do the internal work I wasn’t sure how to do alone. Thanks to her coaching, I can better calm down from anxiety, recenter my thoughts, and lean into love. I am more connected to the spiritual world around me which helps me to see the big picture and worry less. Rebecca’s calm, encouraging personality is the perfect tonic for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, insecurity or doubt. Whether you need a listening ear, life coaching, spiritual guidance, or counseling through a difficult life event, Rebecca can support you.”



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